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Re: Money, argument, logic

May 27, 1997 03:01 PM
by kymsmith

Bart wrote:

>> I am being told
>> that charging money is automatically morally wrong, and no justification
>> is needed to prove that it is morally wrong, and that the burden of
>> proof is on me to prove that it is not morally wrong.

Although I understand the dangers of fighting for causes due to moral
reasons, with its risk of impeding upon individual rights - I have to say
that I, in this case of charging monies, have been fighting due to moral

I don't know, though, how anyone can PROVE a moral right or wrong.  There is
even a possibility that looking at the fee issue through pure, cold logic
may prove that charging is "logical."  I would gather partnering Theosophy
and money are acceptable by logical standards.

But morally, I do feel it is unseemly - and I have no hard facts to back it
up, since I cannot prove how many people have had to elect not to go to a
Theosophical event due to cost.

Bart listed one class at $80.00 - I couldn't afford that.  Eldon wrote that
the Dalai Lama is charging $200.00 - I couldn't afford that.  And I'm less
poor than most people on this planet.

Eldon wrote: "So what?" about this whole money thing.  Well, it means
something to me. . . I would love to go to a Theosophical class, but to
plead poverty is embarrassing, nor do I want to feel that the Lodge is using
me for the daily "good deed" of almsgiving.  I would so love to attend the
event with the Dalai Lama, but it is clear that will certainly not occur in
the near future.

Sometimes, all the 'poor' have to fight with is morals.  We don't have
facts, charts, graphs, statistics. . .but we have the disappointment.

And we have the longing.

Providentially, the message of Theosophy will continue to spread. . .despite


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