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Re: Charging a fee for activities

May 27, 1997 09:01 AM
by Martin Leiderman

I think every lodge is free to charge or not to charge a fee, and nobody
should tell them nor judge them for that. The act of charging money for
membership,  lectures, and seminars is not good or bad is simply
charging money for something. Intentions, motivations and usage of the
money decides the result (karma) of the actions of charging a fee.

It is up to every lodge to experiment with this idea and see  which one
works better for their visions, goals and plans.

I do think that if someone cannot afford the admission fee, that should
not be a problem and he/she should be able to attend. Specially senions
in fix income, etc. Most of us can afford to pay  for a lecture/seminar,
etc . . . since we buy lots of books.


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