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Electronics in the Cayce readings

May 27, 1997 08:38 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

In a brief look at the readings CD-ROM, I found two passages
that seem prophetic:

"...the entity should begin now to study electronics for as the
earth and the people of same enter Aquarius, the air, we find
that the electrical forces, electronics and energies are to be
the ruling influences..."

"get out of the tobacco business, get into electronics."

I neglected to get the dates for these readings.  But assuming
they are from 1930-44, I wonder two things.  How many people
realized then that tobacco was going to run into problems down the
road?  Not many, I would suspect.  How widespread was the recognition
that an age of electronics was approaching?  I don't remember from my
childhood in the `60s that anyone had much of a clue about
computers, although TV had saturated the market.

Also, wonder if this advice was really relevant to the person
receiving it, or if Cayce was actually looking further into the
future than he realized?

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