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Re: Charging Money

May 24, 1997 04:09 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 04:24 PM 5/24/97 -0400, wrote:
>Bart asked:
>>What is wrong with a Theosophical Lodge charging money?
>It's the same story:  those who have money will benefit the most, especially
>when it comes to information.  And that has the all-important
>built-in-guarantee: those who have access to something others do not makes
>those who do feel priviledged.
>The most priceless of gifts are free.  Charging people to hear about
>Theosophy simply cheapens the message. Authors or lecturers who will not
>speak at a Lodge without requiring payment may not have quite learned what
>Compassion or Love really means.  Mandatory handing over of cold, hard cash
>to walk in the doors of a place representing Theosophy is a sickening sight.
>There is nothing wrong, due to practical reasons, to ask for donations,
>grants, or other means to pay the Lodge's electric bill. . .and it also
>follows that those who love give of their money or labor freely.  There
>would be no want in a Lodge that is revered and respected by those who
>attend or visit it.
>Today a Theosophical Lodge can require payment for many things, and never
>receive a sideways glance from anyone. . .but I think, at the heart of it,
>this is a tragedy.

You have eloquently put what was in my mind.

Several lodges I have been associated with never paid a penny to any of the
lecturers nor charged anything. Nor did any of their activities suffered
due to lack of funds -- it was always lack of interest in members. Even
locally we have never paid anyone to speak or lecture to us nor have be
charged for any of our meetings.


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