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Re: Gurus

May 24, 1997 02:57 PM
by Tom R Robertson

On Sat, 24 May 1997 16:29:18 -0400 (EDT) Titus Roth
<> writes:

>Reading my backlog of mail, I had to comment on the following words of
>Krishnamurti. I have no problem with simple truths - those gems of
>archetypal wisdom. But I do have a problem with simplistic truths,
>which are deceptively like the real articles - and Krishnamurti can be
>simplistic at times.

>> The guru who teaches you the method of independent thinking does >>
not exist. Do not say, "My particular guru teaches me that." That is an
>> absurd way of getting out of it. There is no method, no system;
>> there is no guru who can liberate you. I know this is contrary to your
>> sacred literature, to all your ways of thinking.

>Absurd. A guru's purpose *is* to teach you independent thinking. The
>path to independent thinking doesn't mean you start with a vacuum.

Krishnamurti, at least according to a literal interpretation of what he
said, went to an extreme regarding gurus (among other subjects).  Maybe
he could think entirely for himself, but he seemed to believe that there
was no reason that everyone could not do the same.  Thinking for oneself
is a goal toward which only gradual growth, by degrees, requiring
many lifetimes, is possible.  In the meantime, selecting the words of
others, on which to rely, is necessary for that growth.  No one should
have a broken leg, either, but for those who do, crutches are necessary
in order to arrive at a point where they will not be needed.

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