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Re: Charging Money

May 24, 1997 01:19 PM
by kymsmith

Bart asked:

>What is wrong with a Theosophical Lodge charging money?

It's the same story:  those who have money will benefit the most, especially
when it comes to information.  And that has the all-important
built-in-guarantee: those who have access to something others do not makes
those who do feel priviledged.

The most priceless of gifts are free.  Charging people to hear about
Theosophy simply cheapens the message. Authors or lecturers who will not
speak at a Lodge without requiring payment may not have quite learned what
Compassion or Love really means.  Mandatory handing over of cold, hard cash
to walk in the doors of a place representing Theosophy is a sickening sight.

There is nothing wrong, due to practical reasons, to ask for donations,
grants, or other means to pay the Lodge's electric bill. . .and it also
follows that those who love give of their money or labor freely.  There
would be no want in a Lodge that is revered and respected by those who
attend or visit it.

Today a Theosophical Lodge can require payment for many things, and never
receive a sideways glance from anyone. . .but I think, at the heart of it,
this is a tragedy.


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