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Re: Adding to the Guru Thread

May 22, 1997 11:33 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 11:19 AM 5/22/97 -0400, wrote:
>Good Cyber-Day, All:
>This is my first post, and I simply want to add to the guru
>Years ago in New York City, I heard Krishnamurti give a talk very
>similar to the one just quoted in today's digest (#1034).  I
>remember particularly how his face twisted with ill-suppressed
>impatience when he referred to "the little gurus with their
>little bands of followers." (Add a special twist for the
>"littles.")  I remember too the vast presence the man radiated,
>whether he liked it or not.
  Your observation is very interesting. In a recent book, I believe it was
Mary Lutyens, who comments that there were a dozen different personalities
that one can see in K. Two incidents come to my mind.

  Years ago Ravi Ravindra (a well known Professor), when he was still a
graduate student in Canada was visiting his parents in New Delhi. His wife
wanted him to take some gifts to be delivered to a family in New Delhi since
this family helped her a lot during her stay in New Delhi several years ago.
So when Ravindra reached New Delhi, he hopped on his bicycle and rode to the
home of the family to deliver the gifts. In the front porch there was an old
man relaxing and when he inquired of the homeowners was told they are away
and then Ravindra left the gifts with the old man and forgot all about it.
Years later when he was doing his PhD work on philosophy, he thought of
including K's philosophy as a topic. So with great difficulty he arranged
for an interview which was setup in Varanasi(Benares), India. So he
travelled to India to meet K and discuss with him K's philosophy/ideas. Half
an hour before the appointed time he showed up at the place he was to meet
K. He was ushered into a waiting room and he waited in great anticipation.
Finally at the appointed time he was taken to meet K. Lo and behold he was
in for a shock of his life. It was the same old man who was relaxing in the
front porch years ago to who he handed the gifts.

  Second instance took place in India. Due to pestering of people, it was
not easy to set up an appointment to meet K. Two young men from Bangalore,
India which is about 150 miles from Rishi Valley where K was staying at that
time, were determined to meet with K. So the pair took a bus and reached
Rishi Valley. They got off the bus and inquired for directions to the School
at Rishi Valley where K was staying. Based on the directions received, the
pair walked towards the school. For quite some time there was no traffic on
the road and when they were wondering if they are going the right way, they
ran into an old man taking a stroll in the opposite direction. They stopped
the old man and asked him directions to the School. The man inquired why the
pair was going to the school. When told that they are going there to meet,
the old man disclosed that he was K and inquired what he can do for the two
young men. They were simply shocked at the unexpected encounter.


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