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May 22, 1997 09:13 AM
by Mark Kusek

Hi folks,

This is Thoa speaking.  No, no, this is not going to be a case of a
cigarette addict getting rid of all her own cigarettes and then bumming
off somebody else.  Mark told me that there were some very kind words
directed at me.  Thank you for the kind words.  It's good to know I have
friends on this list.

Liesel, I'm sorry that you took all that time to write your response and
I end up logging off.  But, you know, it's never actually a waste.
Somebody is always reading the words and thinking about it, keeping it
in his/her pocket for the future.

> I wonder about the internet as a first time experience for somebody. It's
> sometimes hard to follow, and sometimes there's misinformation. We started
> up once putting on lessons for beginners, but it petered out very quickly.
> Somebody has to take a lot of time, or else have a scanner, to put some of
> our literature on the internet, and then be ready to answer questions.

Everyone contributing to the theosophy lists is making a big difference
by just being themselves.  No tutoring is necessary, just personal
experiences based on what you've encountered and learned.  This would be
enough to stimulate the student to find the information on his/her own.
As an example, when I started this list, I was beginning to delve into
t/Theosophy.  It could have easily petered out as one of my mild
interest to be picked up whenever I have time.  At first, I was reading
Mark's subscription, then I really became interested, and then I logged
in on my own.  Now, I am taking the time every day to study t/Theosophy,
following some leads from this list.  Everyone contributing is making a
difference.  Every imparting of knowledge makes a difference, every joke
makes a difference, and every opinion makes a difference.  You never
know who you will cause to think, laugh, take action, and drive to do
more studying.  Keep up the good work, folks!  You made a difference in
my life.

Thoa :o)

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