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Re: Flesh and Blood of Christ (Communion)

May 17, 1997 08:47 PM
by Jaqtarin Samantha Triele

I recently read a book titled "A History of God".  It was by ...someone.
Karen Armstrong, I think.  Anyhow, she provided quite a wonderful
description of how "God" has evolved.  How the original idea of God gained
different aspects, some conflicting some not.  I believe she says
something regarding Communion.  (She was once a nun, but converted to
Islam later in life).  Obviously, today it is treated as a kind of
"sympathetic magic" whereas the wine symbolises the blood, which, as Titus
explained, symbolises the higher spirit of Christ.  The wafer, in turn,
symbolises the flesh, which symbolises the lower spiritual aspect, i.e.
the lower manas.  "Sympathetically" by absorbing the wafer, we absorb
Christs flesh, meaning we take in the knowledge that Christ had regarding
the rise to and connection with his higher self.  By drinking the wine, we
"sympathetically" absorb Christ's blood, thereby making the example of the
connection of the "blood" to the "flesh" to become a pure being.  I don't
know if I read this from Karen's book or not, but I do remember reading it


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