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on subjects on past digests

May 16, 1997 12:45 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma

Hello friends
I really don't like to start letters without a "Hello" "How are you?"
because as pepole we are, is nice first to talk, and salute ourselves,
not for a matter of hypocrisy but more for a dearest matter of
friendship, i like to talk, as Bilbo Baggins would like to do, with
friends, in a cozy place, in an England-country type place, with forests
and little grassy hills and lakes, beside the chimeney and eating pastry
and drinking chocolate.that's the way i imagine sometimes friends like
you would gather together to talk of this important subjects.
I will try to be short.

> 2.  The younger generation is usually physically strong and vigorous,
> mentally curious, and emotionally intense.  Thus, the younger generation
> would be more attracted to experience that will touch on all of those
> aspects.   That is the natural process of development.
> 3.  The T.S. is not very attractive to the younger generation.  The
> focusing on the Why leads the T.S. to focus mostly on publication,
> lectures, and study groups...ZZZZZ...and one wonders why people are
> apathetic.  It is easier to read books and log on the internet, and then
> go out and have a roaring good time!  Why join the T.S.?  ;o)

Thoa said it. yep.I agree with that. is the first time i do quotations,
because now i'm using Netscape mail system.
I taught it was very important, that's why i put it there. as young
woman as i am (25) I sometimes get in the same feeling, i like better
hanging with my friends in Mexicali or sometimes here, than being
stuffed in some boring church with some boring pepole (even young pepole
as i:they take too much seriously) that goes also to some organizations
as Masons, Rotary,new age groups and of course the T.S. is not the old
pepole the problem, some old pepole are more young of mind that some 30
or 40s pepole, the problem is that, the old taughts of the pepole.
I read almost every digest back, since i got sick, but they were so
many, that i skip the last ones (theos digest '17-19) i read the very
latest,though. (digests '20-22) I follow the discussions, and i find it
some very important. is not important who's leader, but the freshness of
the mind, that, curiosity, it cristalizes in youth.remember Gandhi.

The very important points of the discussion keeped between MKRamadoss
and Doc Bain (can i call you 'Doc'? is a cute nickname, like Bugs' would
say: What's up 'Doc?) Is very alarming and confirms something that i
suspected that also would happen here in the T.S.: the corruption (i do
not know other word to say it) of some pepole involved in the T.S. (I'm
reffering to the case of the Krishnamurti-Land-Money-trusts-etc; is too
long long to quote, and too many blabla that i will skip it)
I do not belong to any T.S. "Lodge" (I don't like the use of the name
"logde" it remains me to the Masonic lodge) or also a group of study or
the T.I. i sometimes like to remain free of tights. but i do think
Theosophy has the solution of many problems, the problem is that we
pepole, because we have some problems,of many years of karma acumulated,
we as humans have errors, so then Theosophy don't work as good as should
do. but i do not worry of that: the problem, as always, are the leaders
that crave for power, or worse,the false leaders that say that they are
some way but act of other ways (In Mexico is very common that attitude
of hypocrisy on so called "New age" pepole:they have good car, good job,
go to yoga, go to meet tibetan monks, eat veggetarian food,and treat
nasty to the poor peasant -i'm not shure, but you call in english
"pheasant" to the native pepole?- boys that clean windows of the cars
and sell bubble gum to survive....'that makes me very angry!!' (space
for Thoa gets mad of the terrible fact and also laughs of the
remminisance to the martian guy in Looney toons-I'M A VERY SERIOUS
I use to call those nasty pepole "New age yuppies" hahahaha :-P
Just remember that late 60's song: it says it all:

"How can pepole be so heartless
How can pepole be so cruel
Easy to be hard
Easy to say no
How can pepole have no feelings
How can they ignore there friends
Easy to be hard
Easy to say no
Speccialy pepole who care about strangers
Who care about pepole and social injustice
Do you only care, about the media
How about a needing friend"


And remember what Jesus said: by their work you will recognize them.
So don't worry Doc Bain and Doss!!

c)To "Doc Bain"
I got to see your homepage this week, because i get to use an
configurate well this Netscape mail, and i think i will can see pictures
that friends of mine send me here.the thing was that some girl named
Joyce send some stuff that was .dat that i could'nt see, and with
Netscape mail i saw that was some archive 1.2 i do not know what, but
finnaly i get to know what was all of that list of signs and
numbers,....even that i still could'nt see what was that.
Your homepage was very good,Doc.Alan!! you are a brilliant person, and
very versed!! i get to see many archives and texts and also see your
picture "thedoc" was it i think? WOW!! you are more thin and elder that
i would expected, but i did'nt inmagine you had so long hair!!
And i think i dream of you the past wenesday WOW!! cool!! I took the
liberty of downloading some texts of you there, (i still haven't read
them) and the very important letter of someone i forgot the name, but i
think it was the most certain letter that i have read of Theosophy in
modern times "Politicaly correct Theosophy?"
I think he has got the point more certain that some pepole.
T.S has to be always at side of the good guys, even that sometimes the
good guys are in very different bands (Feminism,Ecologism, etc etc etc)
and even then are many fanatics. Theosophy , knowing the point of the'
problem, has to deal with that, and orient these person that sometimes
get close to Theosophy ,and even if not, get close to them, to orient
them, in the correct path.
I think is all of so blablabla (sorry:i said i wouldn't last so much)
P.S. Doc Alan, don't get mad if i call you Doc: is just that i couldn't
stand so seriously and call you the complete name: is too solemmn! and,
sorry, it some makes me sometimes laugh! hahahaha sorry.
A good salute here to pepole i know post like my friends Liesel, MK
Doss, Thoa, you Doc Bain,Lynn, Kym (thanks) and to the new pepole here.
bye ora si.

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