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how, why, older generation

May 16, 1997 12:42 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

2. if the younger generation is more attracted to experience, the older
generation, believes in hands on learning, if they got any sense. Theory
without practice is like 19th century gynecology - they learned how to
deliver babies in medical school from textbooks with charts.

3. what suggestions do you have for activties, Thoa? I know workshops. Would
you have people get up and say "I have this & this problem" and then
everyone in the group gets together and tries to suggest different ways to
change their Karma? What other ways do you know?

4. We could take shamanic journeys to help someone. They're up the mountain,
or into the clouds, or underground.

5. Agreed "cameraderie and intense experience through participation" is more
satisfying than listening to long lectures. If they're not at least full of
useful ideas, I soon tire.

6. Lack of openness - If I'm too ignorant to know the inner workings of the
group, maybe I should go someplace else. Well, I'll tell ya what happened in
my case. The ES has all these secret teachings, which I thought were
necessary to become a very accomplished Theosophist. I dropped out of the ES
after a very short time, because of a personal ethical conflict. But I
wanted to learn, so I looked elsewhere. I don't know whether by now I've
learned the same things the ES teaches, but I learned enough esoteric things
to satisfy me, from several other sources, and today the secrets of the ES
don't matter any more

Liesel .

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