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Re: 1900 Letter

May 15, 1997 11:35 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 10:02 PM 5/15/97 -0400, Bart Lidofsky wrote:
>M K Ramadoss wrote:
>> I am re-posting this msg in the context of a comment made by Thoa regarding
>> unnessary secrecy. I hope those in the administration of Theosophical
>> Organizations have read this and thought over its contents and hopefully
>> benefit  from the advise in the best future interests of Theosophical
>> Organizations.
>	Well, you don't have a problem with the TSA. John Algeo was visiting
>when I gave a talk on the 1900 Letter (we have two talks every
>Wednesday, an informal one at 6:30 and an officially announced one at
>7:30; John was slated to give the 7:30 talk). He stated that he believed
>that the 1900 letter wsa genuine, and was very supportive of what it
>	Bart Lidofsky
Glad to see your response.

Firstly I have not seen *anyone* in any theosophical organizations/circles
questioning the genuineness of the 1900 letter yet. Then it follows that one
has to be very supportive of it. Not to be supportive will mean questioning
the wisdom of one of the Real Founders (even though the Real Founders don't
care what any individual thinks of Them and Their Wisdom)



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