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Re: Secrecy - An anecdote

May 15, 1997 01:12 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 04:05 AM 5/15/97 -0400, Thoa Tran wrote:
>Some thoughts on this topic:

>6.  Lack of openness for whatever reason only causes more apathy.  Maybe

        Here is a real life anecdote.

        Several months ago, I brought up to the attention of a well known
Theosophical Organization an administrative issue which in my mind is a very
important one. My request was that the matter to be discussed at the Board
Meeting. After the meeting, I inquired if the matter was discussed and
decision taken. I received a well written reply which made it appear as if
the Board considered the matter and a decision taken.

        From the letter it was not clear if the matter was formally in the
Agenda of the meeting and a formal discussion took place and formal decision
was voted upon. So I wrote back and requested a confirmation that it was
indeed discussed in the Board Meeting and a decision taken by the Board. I
also requested a copy of the transcript of the meeting discussing the issue
and the decision taken so that I can see for myself the details of how and
why the decision was taken.

        Lo and behold, to this day I am yet to receive the information. I am
wondering why the silence? Does it say something about the silence? Another
example of secrecy?

        You draw your own conclusion.


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