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Helping others

May 15, 1997 01:30 PM
by Gerald Schueler

>   Some of us who are too busy dealing with human problems and helping
>fellow beings as best we could, taking heaven by storm are a low
>priority item because we cannot see how that is going to help our fellow
>beings. Implicit in any improvements in human conditions is everyone of
>us are beneficiaries, though in a physically imperceptible way.

I appreciate your viewpoint, Doss, but can't really agree with it.
In order to really "help" others, we have to know exactly what their
problem is, and often it is not as it might seem on the surface.
There is nothing wrong with giving physical comforts and aids,
teaching, and so on, but spiritual help requires occult knowledge.
This is exactly the rationale given by Mayahana Buddhists, as
to the importance of studying and practicing toward becoming
a bodhisattva.  We don't become a bodhisattva just by helping
others in need.  First, an indepth knowledge of karma is required,
and secondly the abilty to see into the hearts and minds of others
in order to know when and how to really help them.  Only then
can real help be given.
	There is a big difference between helping and controlling
(or manipulating) others.  Many people today are controlling others
in the name of helping.  Real help can only come through a sincere
compassion and caring for others coupled with an indepth
understanding of what their problems are, and how to go about
helping them without making new problems.
	Have you ever watched the new TV program, Touched
by Angels?  It is probably the best show on TV today, and shows
the need for real insight.  We are not angels, but can be
bodhisattvas, if we take heaven by storm during this life.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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