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Re: How, Why, and the Younger Generation

May 15, 1997 12:45 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 04:05 AM 5/15/97 -0400, Thoa Tran wrote:
>Some thoughts on this topic:

>7.  Another way of being humble is being open.  That is, a person is
>humble enough to reveal all that s/he knows.  Revealing all leaves one
>open for contrary opinions.  It also reveals one's ignorance.

    Only really great men and women can openly and candidly willing to
accept one's ignorance. Ignorance has nothing to do with how much education
one has, what positions one has held, how much grey hair one has, how
learned one looks etc. Usually one tries to cover up their ignorance and
mistakes by resorting to all tricks one has learnt in the worldly life. I do
not have to give any examples. Just look and listen and watch and you will
see them all the time.


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