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More about Wesak

May 03, 1997 12:49 PM
by Sveinn Freyr

It is a custom in many T. S. Lodges and study groups, to give attention to
The Wesak Festival by lectures, meditation and reverence. Therefore, I wish
to present here the short text from the Teaching of Gotama Buddha, about
"Metteyya Bodhisatta - The Coming Buddha."

        "Now in those days, brethren, there shall arise in the world an
Exalted One by name Metteyya ( the Kindly One ), an Arahant, a Fully
Enlightened One, endowed with wisdom and righteousness, a Happy One, a
World-knower, the peerless Charioteer of men to be tamed, a Teacher of the
devas and mankind, an Exalted One, a Buddha like myself.
        He of his own abnormal powers shall realize and make known the
world, and the worlds of the devas, with their Maras, their Brahmas, the
host of recluses and brahmins, of devas and mankind alike, even as I do now.
        He shall proclaim the Norm, lovely in its beginning, lovely in its
middle, and lovely in the end thereof. He shall make known the wholly
perfect life of righteousness in all its purity, both in the spirit and in
the letter of it, even as I do now.
        He shall lead an Order of Brethren numbering many thousands, even as
I do now lead an Order of Brethren numbering many hundreds.

iii. 76,

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