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Re: More about Wesak

May 03, 1997 03:32 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 03:45 PM 5/3/97 -0400, Sveinn Freyr wrote:
>It is a custom in many T. S. Lodges and study groups, to give attention to
>The Wesak Festival by lectures, meditation and reverence.

In India, there is also a tradition in lodges that the members meet on the
Wesak evening either in the Lodge or in the residence of one of the members
and remember the Lord and His Enlightenment and have light supper
(vegetarian). I now remember several times this happened in our home. It was
so long ago that I completely forgot. We as kids used to enjoy the visitors
to our home. I do miss all that in the USA where it is not a tradition at
least in the Lodges in which I have been a member.

It would be interesting to hear the customs and traditions in other
countries of the world.


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