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Some thoughts about The Festivals

May 03, 1997 10:19 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

>Date: Sun, 04 May 1997 06:35:58 EST
>From: (Jim Meier)

>As others pointed out, CWL's Masters & the Path is the "mainstream" TS work
>discussing the Wesak ceremony.  There are 90 or so web addresses matching a
>web search on "Wesak", although some of them seem to be down.  Most of them
>draw heavily from the Alice Bailey works, and references to Wesak are
>scattered throughout many of those books.  The Wesak information has been
>correlated from them into a 22 page brochure by the publisher, and is
>available w/o charge from    Lucis Trust, 120 Wall St., 24th fl., New York
>New York 10005.
>According to Bailey, the Wesak Festival is the 2nd of three full moon
>festivals that make up the Higher Interlude cycle of the spiritual year.
>The 1st is Easter (Aries) and the 3rd is this month's full moon of Gemini on
>May 22nd.  The 3rd Festival is also known as World Invocation Day, and the
>idea of the three Spiritual Festivals (and the lesser festivals at the other
>nine moons) is one of the main differences between the Bailey teachings and
>"orthodox" Theosophy.

There is another presentation of the theory of Spiritual Festivals which
assumes that the main Spiritual Festivals are four times a year. These times
are at:  winter solstice,  vernal equinox, summer solstice and autumnal
equinox. And to each of those four Cardinal Signs Festivals there are two
related festivals.

By The Ancient Northern Cosmogony the winter solstice festival is believed
to be the most spiritual of all the Great Festivals. It is believed to be
the Great Event when The Sun God - The Solar Logos - looks into the lives of
men, in all the worlds. There in, we have the explanation of the legend of
"Jola-Sveinn" or in other words; Santa Claus.
Jol - The Christmas Festival, is not connected to the time of full moon.

"The 3rd Festival" referred to - connected with the full moon of Gemini, -
and also known as "The World Invocation Day," or "The Christ Festival," is
every seventh year moved to and celebrated at Christmas; the Greater
Festival period at the winter solstice. And then, "The World Invocation Day"
is not connected with the period of full moon. But if it happens to fall
into the period of full moon, then it will be a greater time of opportunity.

Sveinn Freyr

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