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May 02, 1997 08:29 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I just visited the Deja News usenet search engine and searched for msgs
on Theosophy.

What I saw was there have been inquiries as where one can find info or
discussions on Theosophy and HPB.

Many of these have have been responded to many of the well-known
participants here like Paul, Eldon, Daniel etc. who have directed
inquirers to theos-l and other sources.

What is surprising is that I have not seen any one from Olcott in any
usenet. May be they are all very busy manufacturing Theosophy
Certificate holders. Who knows?


PS: I just watched Britain electing the youngest PM in 185 years.
Comparing to what happened in the US when Clinton was elected, the world
seems to be moving towards younger generation.

Can we expect TS also have a young leader, not some old retired person.
Let us remember that HPB and HSO were in their prime when they started
the work for Theosophy. I am sure there were a large number of old
retired and good and pure and honest and sincere and well meaning people
around the world with a lot of interest and enthusiasm when the Real
Founders started the TS movement. But they chose someone in their prime
of life.

The Founders must have known that with old and retired people a
pioneering organization cannot be built, nor with part-timers.

Just my thought.

Your mileage and direction may vary.

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