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Re: THEOS-L digest 1006

May 02, 1997 04:54 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 03:50 AM 5/2/97 -0400, wrote:
>This post is primarily for Mark (MKR) but others may find it to be of some
>1.  Regarding the varying usages of the term <ego>: yes, it can get confusing
>     HPB probably has the best definition which equates to "I am I" at both
>     mortal and divine levels (see her Theosophical Glossary, pg 111).  In
>     words, <ego> is the term we use to define our individuality or
>separation from
>     Unity.  This should provoke a comment from our heretical friend, Chuck,
>     the effect that: "we are actually using the term to foster an illusion."
> Antici-
>     pating that this is what he will say (or, at least, think) I can only
>     "precisely, Chuck, precisely."
>2.  Concerning the "complexity" of Karmic interactions, it might seem that
>     Universe has a mighty "accounting job" to keep track of it all.  But, at
>     divine level, it all becomes very simple and precise.  To use an
>     consider another natural law of the universe --- gravity.  Some of the
>     matical equations required to show the interaction of that force with
>     city and magnetism continue to baffle the greatest minds on earth.
> Albert
>     Einstein was certain one set of equations could explain all three ---
>but he
>     could never prove it.  Nor, to date, can anyone else!  Nevertheless,
>     gets along quite well without those elusive mathematical equations.  It
>     "solve" in an instant all of its interactions with matter under all
>     conditions --- leaving it to us humans to flounder around in the realm
>     physics trying to explain why gravity manifests in the way that it does.
>     Likewise with Karma.  We have great difficulty trying to "account" for
>     ... but Karma, like gravity, accounts for itself very nicely (perfectly,
>as a
>     matter of fact).  And eventually, at one level of consciousness or
>     we humans (or our higher natures that are far more than human) will
>     comprehend the workings of both the Unified Field Theory that challenged
>     Einstein and the workings of Karma that challenges us.

>                                                                       Dennis

        Thanks for the response.

        "Killing" the "I", eliminating the "illusion" of I which unfolds the
Unity has been discussed for a long time. Some years ago, it was mentioned
that one of the interpretations of the Cross is Killing the I like a sword
cutting off a vertical body.

        I agree at some level of consciousness the complexity should become
"simple". The point I was trying to make was that all the various
explantions and writings on Karma are perhaps a very rudimentary and vary
limited approach to explain it. Perhaps that is all that is possible at the
limited physical level.


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