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Re: THEOS-L digest 1002

Apr 28, 1997 06:10 AM
by Sveinn Freyr

On Fri, 25 Apr 97 11:42:04 EDT "K. Paul Johnson" <>
>> So am posting with this rather vague question.  Has anyone else
>> noticed that life seems a lot weirder than usual lately,
>> unpredictable, stressful?  Am wondering if planetary
>> configurations are at work.

Some comments:

It is a fact that we are and our planet is, experiencing a forceful period now. 
Extremely strong Solar storm has left the Solar corona. Our planetary
magnetic field is, and will be for some time, affected by it.
We know that it will affect electronic and radio communications.
It may perhaps cause some minor increase of earthquakes.
And it will for certain affect our pranic field and our etheric bodies.

We will just have to watch and see - perhaps we will not notice anything on
a large scale.

>Mercury has been retrograde since April 14th. Many times when Mercury was
>retrograde, I noticed weird things happen with the computers at work bordering
>on the supernatural.
>Speaking of planetary conditions, the first Full Moon in Taurus (Wesak or
>Buddha's birthday) was last Tuesday. My teacher told how Buddha and the Christ
>work together at this time of year. Is there any theosophical writing on
>Wesak? (I think Alice Bailey has written some).

Regarding Wesak:

For long, legends have been with us about Wesak. Some say that Wesak is a
very ancient festival. Others say that that the Wesak Festival started with
It would be interesting to have comments on this.

There was - not to long ago, a discussion going on about  Albert Einstein.

Therefore I want to write this:
About forty years ago I was working on a repair work in the upper roof of
the house of The Theosophical Society in Reykjavík. The upper roof had been
used to store magazines which had been sent to the T.S. in Iceland.
There were hundreds of magazines, from many countries.
When I had put some order on things up there in the roof and put lights on,
I took some time to look at the magazines.
What puzzled me at that time, was to see articles written by Albert Einstein.

It would be interesting to know if someone has compiled Theo-Philosophical
articles written by Einstein.

Herewith is a web-site:

Best wishes,

Sveinn Freyr

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