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Political Correctness

Apr 22, 1997 04:39 PM
by Thoa Tran

Bart wrote:
>Are you saying that it is the policy of the Theosophical Society that
>if the observed facts disagree with one's politics, then the observed
>facts are incorrect?

The T.S.'s written policy is full blown search for truth, no matter
where it may lie.  However, what is the T.S.?  It is an organization. 
What is an organization composed of, Grasshopper?  It is composed of a
body of people.  Thus, if a body of people cannot avoid ego influence
(those not influenced, please stand up!) and is therefore subjective,
then the organization is subjective and influenced under political
correctness, then the T.S. is influenced by political correctness.  To
use the correllary of 2+2=4 or any other established scientific fact is
useless, since it mostly does not apply in the organization's policy of
search for truth.  Thus, the room for subjectivity is huge.

Now, on the T.S. politics, I stay away from it with longer than a 10
foot pole.  I suppose one day, if I ever wanted to get deeply involved,
I will have to consider that.  Right now, I have too much to learn.

Thoalight Zone

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