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Apr 22, 1997 04:37 PM
by Thoa Tran

Titus wrote:
>I have met very, very, very few who truly use the vajra appropriately. Vajra
>means "thunderbolt" (paging Doss for a better translation). It means you blast
>away a roadblock in a persons path with plain-speaking when a sugar-sweet
>approach is inappropriate. It should be used very judiciously and with no
>sense of evil satisfaction.

But evil satisfaction FEELS SO GOOD!!!! }:-{> (devil face)

>I trust I have explained what I "really meant". Let me explicitly add one more
>thing that I left implicit: A corollary to frankness is reassurance. For every
>step of frankness you probably should have two of reassurance.

Okay.  Reassurance #1:  You're a great dancer.  Reassurance #2:  Great
smiley faces!

Thoalight Zone

P.S.  The name's Thoa, not Thoahhhhhh.  :o)  Now, I have to come up with
two more reassurances...

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