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Satan, devil, bastards and all that oughtn't

Apr 14, 1997 11:43 AM
by Thoa Tran

Perhaps all the *rejects* of society, the orphans, the bastards, the incest
victims, the homosexuals, the gender confused, the drug addicts, the
clones, etc., are the unconscious or the anti-Christ.  With the definition
of Christ and anti-Christ being one and the unconscious a necessary part of
the conscious, perhaps this coming out of the unconscious IS THE ONLY WAY
that society can heal itself, move toward the *revelation*, and go to the
Golden Age.  And perhaps the development of the internet is a way that this
*coming out* will be effective.  Perhaps that is what actually is said in
the Bible, other sacred texts and prophecies.  Perhaps all the moralizing
result of the Bible, etc., was because the Divine inspiration had to go
through the receiver's conscious, which is the moralizer and suppressor of
the unconscious.  Perhaps the way to deal with this coming out of the
unconscious, this anti-Christ, is to HEAL, and NOT to do more of the
moralizing.  Healing requires acceptance and understanding.

I wonder whether the Bible, other sacred texts, and Blavatsky's writings
need to be relooked at for clues.  These texts need to be combined with
today's knowledge of science, technology and sociology in order to get at
the obscure meanings.  Perhaps the jigsaw puzzle need to be taken apart and
put back together with the knowledge that the original fit may not be


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