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Satan, devil, bastards and all that oughtn't

Apr 14, 1997 02:30 AM
by Thoa Tran

Titus wrote:
>The conventions of acceptable behavior are not a reliable gauge of right or
>wrong. After our twentieth century experiment and consequences I think they'll
>change again. Alice Bailey had some interesting comments about the laxity of
>sexual morals. She said that sex *solely* for the sake of personal
>gratification attracts less evolved souls to be born. In many cases the timing
>for their reincarnation was upset giving the danger of an over-concentration
>of such souls.  Looking at the karma in today's parenting and the morals of
>children today, I would say we have such an over-concentration now.

Oh, some take on Blavatsky is
that clones will be soulless and that the aborigines could possibly be a
less evolved race.  Also, what is moral and immoral?  My gosh, I sure hope
I was the product of great and lusty sex!  It would be disappointing

I would harass you some more, Titus, but it's getting very, very late.
Good night and sweet wet dreams.


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