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Re: Krishnamurti and higher powers

Apr 08, 1997 08:32 AM
by Tim Maroney

>'...was asked what would happen if his audiences disappeared to which he
>apparently answered, "I speak to live, if there were no more talks I would
>die".. He often mentioned this, meaning that it was his job to speak and
>that unless he could carryout his job those higher powers, in which he
>believed and which directed his life, would have no more use for him.'
>When I read the above reference to 'those higher powers', it did not
>surprise me at all. This is one of the things that K had mentioned to those
>close to him and I had heard of it being mentioned by a very very reliable
>source several years ago.

Please note that what you are responding to is interpretation by Mary 
Lutyens, and not a statement by Krishnamurti himself. She does not quote 
him as saying anything at all about higher powers. In fact, her 
interpretation seems to be an etherialization of a very earthly comment.

Tim Maroney

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