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Re: Krishnamurti and higher powers

Apr 08, 1997 09:04 AM
by m.k. ramadoss

On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Tim Maroney wrote:

> >'...was asked what would happen if his audiences disappeared to which he
> >apparently answered, "I speak to live, if there were no more talks I would
> >die".. He often mentioned this, meaning that it was his job to speak and
> >that unless he could carryout his job those higher powers, in which he
> >believed and which directed his life, would have no more use for him.'
> >
> >When I read the above reference to 'those higher powers', it did not
> >surprise me at all. This is one of the things that K had mentioned to those
> >close to him and I had heard of it being mentioned by a very very reliable
> >source several years ago.
> Please note that what you are responding to is interpretation by Mary 
> Lutyens, and not a statement by Krishnamurti himself. She does not quote 
> him as saying anything at all about higher powers. In fact, her 
> interpretation seems to be an etherialization of a very earthly comment.
> Tim Maroney

  It may be noted that the reason that I posted Mary's statement is 
because of I myself was told by a very very reliable source several years 
ago about a comment K made to this individual about his work and higher 
powers. While he has not made any comment in public, he did mention it in 
private and we may want to just make a note of it.

  Finally, the bottom line is, as far as myself is concerned, it is more 
important how his lectures and books have affected and helped me and many 
others. After all in the final analysis, we have to deal with our own 
problems and all of us have our share every day.

  Thanks for sharing you comment.

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