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to Estrella

Apr 08, 1997 00:21 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Hi, Estrella,           

Welcome aboard. I hope you can really learn something from us. Sometimes we
talk around in circles, but right now the conversations are interesting.
There are always things to learn.

I could only read the beginning of your messgage. At the end of it a lot of
it didn't transcribe right, and so I couldn't understand it. You wanted to
know who we are, and particularly you were interested in Thoa, Doss, and
myself. We all live in the United States. I don't know where Thoa lives, but
she's a college student, a very keen one, and I think her heritage is
Vietnamese. She began her studies in engineering, but decided that art was
more to her liking. so that's what she's doing now. Doss lives closer to
you, in Texas. He's an accountant who came here a long time ago from India.
I live in upstate New York, about 5 hours North West by car from New York
City. I'm of German Jewish ancestry. I came to the US as a small child. I'm
a retired government worker. I found jobs for people. We're all
Theosophists, and love to talk about it. Doss is especially interested in
Krishnamurti. I'm an Adyar Theosophist. Dunno what branch Thoa belongs to.
There are Theosophists of all factions on this mailing list, so you can get
all sorts of points of view.

I would like to tell you an alternate solution to your statement that the
healer has to be well. I've heard of that too, and I think healing works
better, if the healer is well. I also think that not many people are
absolutely well, and we need many of us to heal... the more the better.
Serge King taught us not to send our healing messages directly to the
healee, but to give them to a deva, or other symbol of your choice, and
allow the deva to transport the healing energy. I decided to use Tinkerbell.
The theory is that a spiritual being like that won't transport the
negatives. I believe that this works, because Spirit only picks up the

I can't read the rest of what you wrote, so can't answer it.

Write again. I think you do very well with English.

Best wishes


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