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Black MAgic

Apr 04, 1997 09:13 PM
by Ken Malkin

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
> Nice one.  Here you dial 1471. Once I had someone [male] call me for >no immediately obvious reason and let loose a horrendous scream down >the wire.  I guessed it was someone I had upset recently who saw >himself as a 'black magician.'  
Bart replies;
>>I must admit that magic is one of the areas in which African Americans
>>are currently greatly underrepresented. The top performers (David
>>Copperfield, Blackstone, etc.) are all European descent. So perhaps >>the person you called was just frustrated at not being able to find >>any stage dates. You should have calmly suggested trying table magic >>at night clubs; the tipping can be quite excellent there.
        Bart Lidofsky

Have I missed something here? Is the orginal post about African (Black)
Americans? or any other Africans? What has "Colour" have to do with the
practice of formoid magik(c)?
Ken Malkin

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