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Re: An Idea

Apr 03, 1997 03:53 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <v01530500af6983090364@[]>, Thoa Tran
<> writes
>Hi Alan,
>Does the TI member info list gets published publicly or does that just get
>e-mailed privately to members?  I'm sorry for my cautiousness.

Don't be sorry, be wise!  I did occasionally post it to TI-L, and in the
early days more widely on the lists, but have not done so for some time.
Your post suggests to me that maybe in future I could post a general
message from time to time telling members that a copy of the current
list (66 signed up) can be posted privately on request.

>  I received
>one too many crank calls.  I even stopped writing checks at grocery stores
>since they contain my address and telephone number on them.

Huh?  My bank would not dream of doing this.  My name, yes, but that's

>  I had a person
>get my telephone number off a check.  Of course, the magnetic cash card is
>so much more convenient.  Oh well, all I do is just terrorize the guy back
>by screaming at him, dialing *69 to call him when the coward hangs up, and
>then screaming at him some more.  I make the guy feels as if he's being
>screamed at by a tyrranical and maniac mother.  It works every time.  I
>never get a call back.

Nice one.  Here you dial 1471. Once I had someone [male] call me for no
immediately obvious reason and let loose a horrendous scream down the
wire.  I guessed it was someone I had upset recently who saw himself as
a 'black magician.'  Having been around a long time (Aaaah) the only
response he got from me was "How extraordinary."

Not directly relevant of course, but I like telling the story :-)


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