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Hello to all!! :)

Apr 03, 1997 03:38 PM
by Romero Cortez D.Ma.

> Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 15:17:50 -0800
> From: Romero Cortez D.Ma. <>
> Subject: Hello to all!! :)
> Hello to all here! :)
> I'm a young girl of 25 years and i'm interested in having friends from all
> around the world, caring, who have interest in trying to change the world in
> a positive way,and who have open minds to the phenomenoms of nature visible
> and invisible,who believe than manckind can change, in a positive and 
> beautiful way!
> i like to have especcialy friends about my age, with common interests (18-
> 29 years) byut any age is welcome, the important thing is having a young heart,
> and for that is not important the age of the body.
> so please be free to write to me!
> Estrella
> P.S. there is no religion superior than truth

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