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Re: Pathless Path

Mar 30, 1997 10:09 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 06:07 PM 3/30/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>        Krishnamurti's stated his position from which he never wavered --
>>spiritual matters there is no authority or no leader no path.
>Doss, I agree with K with the exception of developing ethics and
>compassion at a early point.  If we do our ethics at stage one,
>our compassion at stage two, then from there on out we are
>on our own.  The only real authority in spiritual matters is our
>own inner divinity, and the first two stages of the path should be
>well along prior to its introduction.  However, arousal of one's inner
>divinity without some degree of initiation always leads to inflation
>of ego, and the whole point of the spiritual path is the denigration
>of ego.  Thus, while we probably should take our own path at
>our own speed, the warnings, hazards, and pitfalls given to us
>by those who have gone before are ignored at our own peril.
>Jerry S.
>Member, TI
Dear Jerry:

I am wondering if ethics and compassion are to be developed concurrently and
if they could be treated as separate. Based on my own experience, I am not
the same person I was 10 and 20 years ago and I wont be in 10 years from now.

All the warnings, hazards and pitfalls others have pointed out could be
useful and one has to keep an open mind and make a decision for themselves.


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