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Monads, exoteric vs esoteric

Mar 28, 1997 08:11 AM
by Jerry Schueler

>Personally, I have long thought that the "monad" was one of Theosophy's
>movement) major problems.  There is something about ~monads~ which seems
>make people want to regard them as invisible billiard balls.  All these
>billiard balls:  they get "contaminated" with "desire-seeds" and have to
>into and go out of incarnation again and again until all delusion about
>Real nature is corrected--at least according to most versions of the PTP.

Richard, I agree wholeheartedly.  I have tried to clear up some of the
confusion with my Enochian Monad Model, which simplies the whole
monad doctrine, and makes its workable (at least to me), but because
I have mixed it in with magic, theosophists don't seem to want to
hear it.  HPB, G de P, and others, have muddied the monadic waters
to the point where few really understand what it all means.  I think
that Eldon does, but he is rare.

> For one thing, they must be able to
>explain what all the different billiard balls, all needing different
>will do at some possible future time when the choices for incarnated
>physical, emotional, and mental "vehicles" have been reduced to just a few
>"improved" models.
	And they won't be able to do it, because this simplified and
exoteric scheme is so outdated as to be plain silly.

>For another thing, (T)heosophists may also want to take
>this opportunity to re-work what seems to me the grossly anthropomophized
>stories of how monads "decide" and "choose" in a between-lifetime
>what their next birth situations should be according to the lessons they
>still need to learn etc.
	Again, this is a highly exoteric version of what really goes on.
I, for one, think that its time a deeper and more esoteric story is told.
The idea of Earth being a schoolhouse and that monads come here to learn
lessons has enough truth in it to be pernious, but misses the real
reasons for incarnation.  As I have said many many times, the idea
that monads need "lessons" or can somehow improve or go "higher"
is silly enough to make me laugh, and I get depressed when I realize
just how many folks fall for this stuff.  Maybe something like cloning
is what the TSs need to rethink their positions--which are not really
"wrong" so much as surface, shallow, trite, and in need of some
deeper substance.

Jerry S.
Member, TI
Who believes that spirals only exist within circles

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