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Karma or what

Mar 28, 1997 06:42 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

I would like to add to what Toa said about this person who got shot or shot
himself. I didn't read it, but I read Toa's comments.

>>We are not all crazy --
>>It is all in our heads,
>>You have to seek your own salvation --
>>In the end the final truth is between the lines,
>>The narrow path gets harder to find --
>>It is not what is done but rather a state of mind.
>>Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways,  e.j.}`-`{
>>"On this Path effort never goes to waste and never a failure"

"It is all in our heads".
Serge King's first Kahuna principle is "The world is what you think it is".
The whole Kahuna philosphy is built up on this principle, so it jives with
what Toa is saying. What we perceive of the world, of our surroundings, is
whatever reaches us via our senses, which is a little more distributed than
our heads, but I think Toa is speaking figuratively. Serge's healing system
is then built up on that a good Shaman can change belief systems to agree
with whatever the healee believes, and that (s)he can then heal using that
system. The shaman has his (her) own belief system, though, and when using
another's system still has his own in mind 5% or so. Serge also teaches
several levels of viewing things. I don't remember the whole description
but, like first level is linear and contains linear time, most modern
inventions, allopathic medicine, and herbs for their medicinal values. The
second level contains spiral time, reincarnation. The third level contains
symbols, which includes herbs as symbols, like a 4 leaf clover for luck. The
4th level uses identity, you identify with what you're trying to understand
or heal , again 95%, and then lovingly heal yourself. It's all in our heads.

I echo seeking your own salvation. It's a Buddhist principle as well as a
theosphical one, and I like it, because it doesn't blame any one else,
including God or Karma or your parents for what eventually happens to you.
If you can figure out a way to resolve your dilemma the Karma changes. I was
taught that the Theosophical belief is that we are on earth to learn, to
learn just that, until we become godlike people.

Toa, I don't think the Path is narrow, because that's a limiting thought.
Seems to me that the Path must be as broad as there are people to tread it,
because each of us approaches it from a different angle. I haven't figured
out yet how that jives with being very loving and very ethical, needed
qualtities, which seem to narrow the path ... maybe it's because Love and
ethics need to be applied to the situation at hand, which is always
different. And sometimes what's ethical in one instance, isn't in another.

When you say "It's not what is done, but the state of mind" I guess that
fits in with the end of my last paragrqaph. but there's also that the
Masters said "To us, motive is everything."

You've raised a lot of good issues.


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