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Mar 21, 1997 02:38 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>This also differs from the Golden Dawn system for numbering Enochian, and
>Alistair Crowley's system.  I could understand that the differences are
>to the different methods of deciphering them.  However, since I am new to
>the Kabbalah, I wonder whether someone could clarify as to the validity of
>the systems.

There are at least 6 separate Enochian gematria systems today.
I personally prefer my own interpretation of Crowley's gematria,
and that is the one that I use.  But you can use any that work
for you.  The whole idea is to find hidden correspondences
(which actually do exist all over the palce, anyway).  Its almost
like using Tarot or IChing in that you have to interpret a bit--thus
you have to use some intuition, and it is the intuition that gets
the real results, not the gematria which is only a device.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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