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[An attempt at humour]

Mar 20, 1997 07:33 PM
by Benjamin Mark Pybus

Hi All,

I've just been getting through "The English Cabalah Vol.1" by William Eisen
- a thoroughly useful text - and its sparked me off with some interesting
correspondences. Firstly, I am using the a=1, b=2,c=3... ,and, the Table of
Letters 1=A=J=S etc.

Is it not interesting thaat:-

    Telephone (20+5+12+5+16+8+15+14+5) = 100
    +   modem (13+15+4+5+13) = 50
Communication (3+15+13+13+21+14+9+3+1+20+9+15+14) =150

Both of these have 8 letters and 111 = 7 in binary.


MICROPROCESSOR = (13+1+3+18+15+16+18+15+3+5+19+19+15+18) =178
MEMORY = (13+5+13+15+18+25) = 89
LOCATION = (12+15+3+1+20+9+15+14) = 89


At the same time BRAIN = SPACE = 44  - Does this mean that when someone on
drugs is "spaced out" it is only in brain consciousness!

I always knew that ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING was something to avoid. It equals
195, and we all know what that transliterates as don't we - SIN!

Is GENETICS as good as it sounds? It equals 82 - the reverse of 28 (that of
MAN). And why is that Prof. Dawkings chap a biologist? BIOLOGY = 85 [Devil]!!

Also I never knew what WILL really was. WILL= 56 = THE I AM!

However, trivia you might say - but how about this:

Mercury :     7 letters
Venus :       5 letters
Saturn :      6 letters
Jupiter :     7 letters
Earth:        5 letters
Mars:         4 letters
Sun:          3 letters
Moon:         4 letters

>From the tables: M= 4 A=1

    41=MA and reversed 14=AM.Put them together you get MAMA - quite
appropriate if Space is the Mother Goddess.

>From the number of letters
Also P=7 E=5 O=6 P=7 E=5 D=4 U=3 D=4

Rearrange those letters and you get the following:

E. Ego Dump - Earth [is] Ego Dump

Whose in charge of the Maha Maya :- that POPE DUDE.

And, penultimately, O DEEP MUG. We are evidently all mugs coming to this
place, and the Universe is surely telling us this.

Finally URANUS + NEPTUNE + PLUTO = 252 [the Devils Number] But, at the same
time it equals 9 - possibly the first,second, and third rays initiate into
the ABSOLUTE methinks? However, If you add up all 10 you get 842. Rearrange
this and you get 248 which transliterates as XH [Each Judgement - or Each is
Judged]. Foreboding or what!

Now, off for that cup of universe, sorry,I meant tea.

Love and Light


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