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Mar 14, 1997 06:48 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Bee, I'm glad you brought up the subject. I'm also glad you finally gave us
your new address, because I've been wondering what's been happening to you.
How are you doing in your new job at the new location?

Re cloning ... I listened for a while to the hearing the Senate had on this
subject one or two days ago. One of the people who came before the committee
was the Scott who cloned the sheep, and there were several American
scientists, and scientific ethicists. Everyone who spoke, Senator or
scientist, was against human cloning for a variety of reasons. However, the
scientists were saying that the laws had to be carefully written, because,
cloning human cells etc., ie parts of human beings, was sometimes
beneficial. For instance, just now a bone marrow transplant has to come from
a donor. There is a possiblity that in the future some of the ill person's
own cells could be cloned, and then transplanted, which would have the
advantage of that the patient wouldn't reject his own cells. They also
mentioned several diseases which they thought might profit from cloning
research (I forget the technical name it's called), as for instance
Parkinson's. Seems to me, It's like every other new invention. We've got to
walk a very fine line between usefulness and ethics. I'd like to hear what
some others on this list think about this subject.


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