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Krishnamurti's Comments on TS etc.

Mar 13, 1997 10:11 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Only in the recent past, interesting information has been trickling out on
the various things about K and the long drawnout litigation with the
Trustees who were to take care of the Trusts set up to help him to teach.

During the course of this litigation, it appears that K did discuss with
the trustees of the new K Trust - KFA, the subject of Theosophy and TS

For whatever reason, the information has not yet come out. It would be very
interesting to see what his views are. Knowing his past comments and the
independent and fearless manner in which he always spoke, it is very
possible that if and when the details are made known, it is very likely
that his views may shock many of the TS partyliners (and others elitists
who believe that they are closer to the Real Founders of TS.)

For some of us, ordinary simple thinking rookie students of Theosophy, they
may be very interesting.


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