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Re: meat industry

Mar 02, 1997 07:24 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

liesel f. deutsch wrote:
> Agree with Kym, prostitution should be legalized. It would give some form of
> protection to both prostitutes and Johns. It couldn't eradicate social
> disease, but it might lower the percentages. It might also have some
> influence on sado/masochistic practices, at least the very worst ones. ALso,
> I don't see any reason why prostitutes have to clutter up our jails. Those
> are all the reasons I can think of just now. There are probably others.

	A) Except for the cheapest crack whores, studies show that most
prostitutes are VERY careful about disease. Interestingly enough, the
group of prostitutes second least likely to use protection were the
highest class call girls.

	B) Most sado/masochistic prostitution does not involve sexual contact,
and is therefore already legal.

	C) Prostitutes aren't clogging up the jail cells. Drug users and
dealers are.

	Bart Lidofsky

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