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Outta My Face

Feb 23, 1997 11:53 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
> Subject: Re: TS & ES
> Date: Sunday, February 23, 1997 11:18 AM
> In a message dated 97-02-23 08:40:50 EST, you write:
> >What do you do?  Stand outside Olcott with a Wendy's special in your hand?
> >
> >-AEB
> Nothing quite so crude, though everyone at convention probably knows why I
> don't eat lunch in the dining room but go across to the gyros place.  It
> happens that over the years a number of us have gone to the local eateries
> either to talk about something r just to go out after a program and I always
> eat meat if I'm hungry simply because I like it and it's fun to watch them
> deal with fact.

You'll have to tell me where all the good places are.  I'm tired of explaining to
vegetarians that I have hypoglycemia and need to have some solid protein in my
diet, rather than a lot of carbos.  I'm beginning to think all those years I was so
apologetic about it was a waste of time.  Maybe I should just wave a burger in their
sanctimonious faces and say, "HELL, I JUST LOVE TO EAT MEAT! WHAT'S YOUR

I've gotten some pretty nasty comments from people, even though they had no
idea I was on a special diet or why.  They just plowed in and started snapping
at me, like a I was Nazi War criminal.

Well, no more Mrs. Nice Person!  If you don't like my food, get outta my face or
I'll give you the URL to Cosimano's page!




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