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Re: THEOS-L digest 921

Feb 22, 1997 09:16 PM
by Mika Perala

Ann wrote:
> >
> I believe the future of vegetariansm lies in finding and creating
> high-quality, good-tasting sources of vegetable protein that will provide
> complete protein.  Most of the soybean substitutes available today
> are loaded with sugar, artificial flavors and preservatives.
> Also, vegetarianism needs to address those with special needs,
> like allergies, diabetes, hypglycemia, low-fat, etc.  Most of the veggie diets
> I see don't address these at all.  There's a great deal of experimentation
> that needs to be done in this area to truly make it work for everyone.
> -AEB

Yes. And there is a need for vegetarian fast-food too. Or I need it. And
who invented eating anyway? I`d like to have a word with that fellow...

Mika 8)


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