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Re: John Algeo's letter

Feb 16, 1997 11:53 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: M K Ramadoss <>
> >>
> Great things have been achieved not because of masses. It is because of a
> few dedicated, unselfish, enthusiastic, well motivated individuals and due
> their persistence and self confidence in their mission.

But the Aquarian Age is about group action, rather than the work of a few.  That is
why I look toward the many to solve problems.  The groups may be focussed
by the leadership of a few.
> Again, as John mentioned, the information is spreading beyond the 128
> individuals. In addition, the readership in theos-l is going to increase as
> more and more younger generation well versed in Internet get interested in
> it.

Yesterday I went to CompUSA and saw they now have a children's section,
complete with monitors set in a rocketship and little chairs.  There
are shelves and shelves of kid's software.

There were people of all age groups in the store, but mostly men.

The teenagers and young adults will surely be involved in the Net, but what are
are they going to be surfing?  Games? NetRadio? MTV?  Scanned
photos of Playboy foldouts?  Hustler Online?  It's a big Internet
world out there and you're going to have to compete for attention.

>This is going to take place and how fast I cannot predict. In addition
> there is feverish activity going on in creating the network computer and as
> soon as this becomes a reality, your will see mushrooming of access to
> Internet. Just by word of mouth, the availability of theos-l will spread and
> I expect a lot of members and newbees and interested individuals are going
> to read the traffic here. Once this gets started, no one will be able
> control or censor or stop it.
It's an intriguing idea, but I continue to play the Devilette's advocate here.
I'd like to see some solid results and plans.  When theos-l starts getting a couple
hundred posts a day, I'll start to think you're onto something.

> Who knows this may be the tool for regeneration of TS for the next
> millenium, and the Real Founders may be working on it unknown to us. They
> may want it to be a truly philanthropic organization and not just a
> recruiting ground for the sheepish followers.

Perhaps Chuck can clue us in on what the Real Founders
are doing  - he claims to have their ear. :-)

It could well the tool for regenerating many organizations, but you have to
put into people's hands to use it.  The next few years to till 2000 could be


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