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Re: John Algeo's letter

Feb 16, 1997 02:48 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

> From: Jerry Hejka-Ekins <>
>Level 5 concerns considerations of the greater good.  Well, here
>we have room for all kinds of discussion.  One might believe
>that publishing the letter would enlighten the theos-l audience
>as to the nature of TSA politics, and help to bring about some
>reforms.  But one would also have to consider the possible
>consequences and damage that might come from such an act.

>If the letter, or any piece of information, was published on
>on theos-l, there is the question of whether it was worth the
>effort.  That is because there are a grand total of 128 people
>subscribed to theos-l, at the last count.  And some of these may
>not be sympathetic to your cause.

I'm not too concerned about the numbers.  If members think the
information is important, it will get around.

>If your aim is exposing someone or revealing the truth, then
>these 128 or so people would have to pass it on to their
>friends, lodges and study groups, who would then take it up with
>others.  That is, if they even are members of any or even belong
>to TS!  You would have to form a network beyojnd the Internet to
>truly make a difference.

As for my "aim," I think I've already stated that I'm not in
favor of publishing the letter.

As for the distribution of information, the TS has a network far
older than the Internet and it works incredibly well.  It is
called the "Theosophical grapevine."  I have seen it elect
Presidents, force one out of office, give some members prestige,
and push others out of the TS.  See below for Richard Ihle's
description of how the management uses it:

>>Furthermore, perhaps even a clear majority would have a
>>difficult time raising objections to anything, at least in the
>>Americn Section.  For one thing, there is the "secret
>>membership list" strategy which prevents any unapproved
>>informational mailings to all members.  For another thing,
>>there is the "filtered access" to THE AMERICAN THEOSOPHIST
>>(QUEST) which prevents the discussion of "untoward" subjects
>>and gets the membership only well acquainted with certain
>>individuals who might run for office.

>Ann ...
>Well, I'm not so sure. The numbers are small, but a number of
>the most ell known and well connected are on this list - either
>speaking or lurking. I know from my own point of view, *most*
>significant information that comes across this list I pass on to
>other Theosophists in my region - its been quite eye - opening
>for some of them to hear the kinds of discussions that go on. In
>my own case, anyway, I'm not a single 1 of that 128, but rather
>the conduit through which at least a dozen people are made aware
>of things that they otherwise simply would not have been aware
>of, and I wonder whether this is more the norm than the
>exception. I guess I kind of feel, sometimes, as though the
>effects, impact, and importance of this list may be considerably
>greater than most of us suspect.

I would be interested in reading their responses when they hear
about these discussions.

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