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Re: TS Membership

Feb 14, 1997 04:57 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>ML to APS - Letter 28; pp.208; TPH 3rd Edn. 1962:
>"And yet in the pestilent London atmosphere the " Club "
>came to an untimely end. I visited it about half a dozen
>of times, and perceived from the first that there was
>and could be nothing in it. And this is also
>the reason why the British T.S. does not progress
>one step practically. They are of the Universal
>Brotherhood but in name, and gravitate at best
>towards *Quietism*.  that utter paralysis of the Soul.
>They are intensely selfish in their aspirations
>and will get but the reward of their selfishness."
Nothing of worth appears to have changed.  Note that the letter offers
the opinion that "there was and could be nothing in it.*  A sound
prediction.  Members continue to lapse faster than new ones can be
found.  I shall be one of them this very year - there is no longer any
point in wasting my money or my time on the TS in England, members of
whom, in the past year, have sought to defame my character, have acted
illegally in respect of the Society's rules towards me, have ignored
genuine news items sent to their journal (like the efforts of the TSA to
reach out via the Internet) and at the same time have had the nerve to
ask to to travel 320 miles to give a talk at London HQ for expenses

Last time I did this from Bristol (only 120 miles) I was not even
offered anything to eat.  Some brotherhood.

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