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TS Membership

Feb 13, 1997 10:39 PM
by ramadoss

In response to Christine's msg where she mentioned about quitting TS, Jerry
referred to a ML letter regarding British TS where the problems were due to
the selfishness of its members. I located the quote and I am posting it below:

Two things that caught my attention.

The first one is the Quietism.

The second on the British TS and the result of the intensely selfish

Something to think about for everyone.

Let us not resort to Quietism and let us see what we can do to really help.



ML to APS - Letter 28; pp.208; TPH 3rd Edn. 1962:

"And yet in the pestilent London atmosphere the " Club "
came to an untimely end. I visited it about half a dozen
of times, and perceived from the first that there was
and could be nothing in it. And this is also
the reason why the British T.S. does not progress
one step practically. They are of the Universal
Brotherhood but in name, and gravitate at best
towards *Quietism*.  that utter paralysis of the Soul.
They are intensely selfish in their aspirations
and will get but the reward of their selfishness."

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