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Theos-L Digest 907

Feb 13, 1997 11:38 PM
by Thoa Tran

I like seeing that the wheels are moving regarding brainstorming.  Since I
have a natural aversion to politics, I've always acted in as a non-political
and unconnected way as possible (Hey, don't laugh.  The other stuff is just
rantings from an individual anarchist maniac).  Thus, I don't really have
much ideas right now regarding the structuring of an organization,
particularly anything based on a spiritual organization.  Maybe in reading
some more posts, some ideas will come to me.  I can't imagine any spiritual
organization wanting me as a member.  If I see seven virgins dancing and
people in flowing white robes, I'm going to laugh until the Cheerios come up
through my nose.

I saw information on this before, but can't remember the details.  How do I
get a list of people subscribing to these lists?  Or do we just have a list
of people who are members of TI?  I'm curious as to the volume of
subscribers to the lists at any one time.


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