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Re: Seven Virgins

Feb 13, 1997 01:24 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>We all know he who pays the piper calls the tune. I do not know
>how much of the funding, if any, came from TSA. May be it is
>time to look for funding elsewhere. If you do not expect any
>money or other non monetary support or favor from any one or any
>organization, then there is nothing it/they can do. They can be
>unhappy etc. It is their problem.

A word of clarification here.  The *Theosophical History* journal
did not, and does not receive funding from any Theosophical
Organization, nor is it dependent upon funding from outside

>Also it would be interesting to see Algeo's letter and Tillett's
>response. What is it that Algeo did not like in Tillett's papers
>and some others. Is he responding in his private capacity or
>speaking for TSA? Is it the new facts dug up by Tillet and
>others or their interpretations or conclusions? If Grace Knoche
>got too much attention, so what. Did Algeo want all attention
>for himself?

Algeo's letter specified that it was not for publication.  Since
it was written by him as the President of the TS, it may very
well be a public document.  On the other hand, I think Algeo's
wishes should be respected here.

I will say that Paul Johnson's summary of the letter was in my
opinion, a fair one.  Whether or not the tone should be described
as "obnoxious" is another question, but I would agree that the
tone was hardly pleasant.

As for Doss's questions:

>What is it that Algeo did not like in Tillett's papers and some

He did not like Tillett's presentation of information concerning
CWL's group masturbation rituals with the young boys.  He also
did not like the fact that I did a summary and led a discussion
on another person's paper who could not be present.  The paper
argued that after HPB was forced to leave Adyar, she founded the
British Section to be run on different lines than those
established by Olcott.  Though the paper had a lot of weaknesses,
we felt that the arguments were very close to the mark in many
ways and would be a good springboard for discussion.  Algeo
objected to the whole procedure.

>Is he responding in his private capacity or speaking for TSA?

I took his responses to the presentations to be his own opinions.

>Is it the new facts dug up by Tillet and others or their
>interpretations or conclusions?

In Tillett's case, his presentation of CWL's group masturbation
ritual was based upon entries in Oscar Kollestrom's personal
diary.  In the case of the paper I summarized, the documentation
was based upon previously published documents.

>If Grace Knoche got too much attention, so what.

Since the conference was held on the old Point Loma grounds, and
Grace grew up and worked there, she was given the opportunity to
talk about her past memories.  This was done during the dinner,
and was not part of the regular program.  As far as I know, Algeo
was the only person who did not enjoy it.  If the conference had
been held at Wheaton or at Krotona, the same kind of thing would
have been done for the old timers of the Adyar Society.

Did Algeo want all attention for himself?

You'll have to ask Algeo.

>Let me add a few further comments.
>For those of you who are newbees, Gregory Tillett is the author
>of a Biography of C W Leadbeater titled "The Elder Brother"
>published by Routledge & Kegan Paul in 1982. ISBN 0-7100-0926-7.

I have copies of this book for sale.  $14.00 ea.

>It appears to be a very well researched and documented book. Has
>anyone seen any reviews or responses questioning or pointing out
>in accuracies in the book? At least I have not. If anyone has
>any info, please post.

One can find inaccuracies in any book if you look hard enough.
The main point here is that Tillett's presentation of CWL is well
documented and IMO fairly balanced.

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