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Re: digest 904

Feb 13, 1997 01:25 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

>>The human side in both situations has to do with ego, power,
>>greed and control.  It is that simple--and that complicated.

>Not really.   I was being a little more specific.  I didn't
>realise I would know more about the Shantara group that you
>people.  They are a small group here in Australia who originally
>came from Denmark and whose name has been linked with the
>political problems both there and in Canada by INUENDO only.
>I want to know if there is any fact in this.  They are a very
>small group here who do not seem to be the remotest bit
>interested in our Lodge, so there is every chance that they are
>no more than an imaginary bogeyman being used to keep the
>children frightened.
>The bogey man seems to take the form of any person who wants to
>change things being part of a takeover conspiracy by some other
>group (Masons, Co-masons and LCC aside of course).
>I wouldn't mind proving the falsity of that bogeyman, by being
>able to circulate the facts.

Please excuse my curt answer.  I have been a member of the TS for
almost 35 years and have seen the TS hierarchy do things again
and again over the years that still give me nightmares.  But to
be fair, I was not addressing the Shantara issue, but answering
your question in more general terms, as a ten word summary of 35
years experience with this organization.  Regarding the Shantara
question, I can say that I have been in correspondence with
people who were involved in the Danish and Canadian Section
expulsions and Shantara was never an issue.  I would say that
your suspicion of a bogeyman is right on.  The same thing was
done with the Yugoslavian Section expulsion in 1984.  In that
case, the accusations concerned the infiltration of the New
Acropolis Organization.  That was not true either.

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