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Re: What's Ahead?

Feb 12, 1997 05:20 AM
by ramadoss

At 08:08 AM 2/12/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> From:
>> >
>>         In all the above, it appears that the bottom line is property and
>> money. If property and money is not involved, then what is there to take
>> away. The Greatest of all reformers, Lord Buddha stated very clearly that
>> there is no need for any intermediary (priests) for any ones's salvation. So
>> for the practical application of Theosophical principles for each one of us
>> to help the Humanity no organization is needed. Who knows what is the
>> immediate future of TS as we know it. Even the great Roman Empire had its
>> hay days and then disappeared. May be some of those in Astrology may want to
>> see what the stars say say in the future 20 - 50 years.
>Sorry, Doss.  I wouldn't even touch what would happen to TS or TSA beyond
>the year 2000.  The further one looks ahead in time, the more abstract it
>becomes.  I've given my prediction for this year for TSA, which should
>indicate some MAJOR CHANGES, and some time back, I made my predictions
>for TS in the next 3 years.  If what I'm interpreting is right, neither
>organization will be the same as it is now.  Like other governmental
>and business structures, the structures of these theosophical organizations
will be
>altered as the Aquarian energies effect them.  There will be
>a demand for freedom, a voice in policy-making, open communications
>and an emphasis on the group, a rejection of central authority.
>What you are talking about with TS and
>its sections is one small scenario that will be played out globally.  And
>with no small struggle.
>On one hand, you'll have those who are still entrenched in the Piscean
>ways of heirarchy, master and slave, boss and employee, dominant male and
>subservient female, where authority was taken as an absolute and assumed they
>had all the answers.
>Then there will be the those whose consciousness have been sensitive to
>the incoming energies, will be stimulated by that vision and energized to
make it happen.
>Thus, the stage is set for struggle and change on a planetary level.


Thanks for the msg.

Personally, I had an astrological prediction made by one of my college
professors. It was very casual and off the wall. I did not pay much
attention to it. But in the end, the prediction became true after 20 years.
Looking back, on the day the prediction was made, I would have said that
this man was wrong -- dead wrong. But somehow I did not think that way and
events proved he was dead right. What he saw in the chart I do not know.

Is not *true* brotherhood/sisterhood/siblinghood mean *no* discrimination in
any shape or form for any purpose? Each one of us is unique and equally
important no matter what our age, education, color, sex, beliefs, position,
wealth, etc. etc. When we take off all the blinders and colored glasses,
life may be much easier and joyful to deal with.

There may be those who do not agree with one or the other above. So what? It
is their problem.



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