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Feb 11, 1997 03:05 AM
by Benjamin Mark Pybus


>Did I say we should be dumb as door knobs? Have you ever heard of
>deliberate illogic?

I have not. Please enlighten.

Perhaps what I meant to say about the "current of respect alternating" was
that every woman looks out into her own reality, and perceives the summation
of all what her "bodies" are telling her is the case at any particular moment
in space-time-thought. She may believe that the respect is alternating but
she is only believing what her mind set is describing/mirroring to her ego
relative to actual events as they occur.Whatever her perceptions of the past
were they will colour her present, and potentially future, realities.If her
preconceptions persist they will surely become part of her ever periodic

>Do I hear something similar to the Nazi belief of development of the Aryan
>race? What are you going to do, mate the best theosophical male with the
best theosophical female? My Goddess, we don't want to lose the chance for a
spiritual child!

You may hear it, I could not possibly comment. With respect to your other
comment I am only sad that I had not the opportunity to be born into a
theosophical family. It is my belief that those who are highly spiritually
evolved souls [not referring to myself ofcourse] need to be in an environment
where the highest aspirations are in place for the soul to reach its full
potential.Do you not agree that one should, if one is given the opportunity,
sacrifice one's own spiritual development for the birth of a more evolved
soul who can perhaps spread more light into the world than oneself?

By the way, I would like to add that perhaps some of my recent responses
have perhaps been a little obtuse, dare I say it even illogical, at times but
I think that that is because I have never felt so emotionally charged in my
life. I have never been attacked by a feminist before and it takes a little
time to get used to it.Please forgive me.
You have almost made me out to be a fascist pig who thinks that women are a
rather unfortunate aspect to the human family. I do NOT hold such ideas.
However, being beseiged by such a personality brings out the protective
aspect towards my "maleness". Perhaps if you toned down your emotional
outbursts I would be able to sound more logical in my reasoning.Believe it
or not, I am more an intuitive person than an intellectual, and so I can get
in touch my feelings v. easily - it means also that I am quite sensitive!
Please be kind.

Love and Light


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